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Hi, I'm Maria and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant. Through the past 18 years, my company name “Lifetime Natural Nutrition” means what it stands for.  Lifetime natural nutrition is a philosophy that I really believe in.  The eating of whole and natural foods is a gift to your body and it will benefit from it when done for a lifetime, and, you in return will be gifted a lifetime of vitality and unstoppable health!

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Word On The Street

  • I have been a client of Maria for over 4 years right now. She has completely changed my life. Her vast knowledge of supplements and vitamins have helped me so much. She has reduced my blood pressure / helped with thyroid / but the biggest thing is her pursuance to ensure your health is as good as could be. She follows up with me weekly not on the clock and still wants to know how my progress is. I cannot thank her enough and if your looking for someone who Is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable then Maria is your best health provider. My healthy life and my family are forever grateful.
    – Alex K, Toronto
  • As a retired Pharmacist, I have known Maria for about 5 years. She has been and is always a very caring and dedicated professional. She uses her knowledge of wellness to support her family and her clients. She is dedicated to seeing them achieve the highest level of wellness possible. I have seen her work with family members in this area. I can only say she has the highest and best in mind for everybody she is professionally involved with.
    – Elizabeth V, Toronto
  • I consulted with Maria 10 years ago for my son who has autism. She did a thorough review of my son’s issues and made solid recommendations to help him. I appreciate all the work and contribution she has made to date and continue to rely on her expertise and recommendations. Thank you, Maria.
    – Rosanna S, Toronto
  • I am a New Yorker who met Maria in Toronto after leaving a prestigious American hospital where I had surgery for thyroid cancer and was being treated for gastro Intestinal disorder. I went to the Health Mart to purchase Manuka Honey, which was being touted by Dr. Oz, as a treatment for intestinal disorders. While browsing, I was to find out that this honey came in grades and brands from silver to platinum. Not knowing which brand or grade to buy, the sales associate suggested I speak to their Health Care Professional, Maria Licandro. I met and was treated by Maria, during this short trip to Toronto, not knowing that this would be the best thing I ever did for my health. Yes, I already had cancer and are in survival mode, but the gastro intestinal disorder had been a lifelong sentence. Working with Maria helped me to have one less illness to deal with, I have less stress and anxiety so that I can live with that which I cannot cure. While most medical practitioners desire is to treat, Maria’s desire is to cure, its not about seeing you in three months, but about not seeing you again for the same reason/s. I have and would recommend Maria to anyone who care about their well being and good health. By the way, we never got around to the Manuka honey. Go figure! Good luck Maria.
    – Cora, New York

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