Lifetime Natural Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company serving Toronto

We understand that healthy eating starts at home, which is why we offer unique services that inspire you and your family to find a healthier eating style. Whether your personal health goals includes weight management, chronic disease prevention, digestive disorders, hormonal issues, Cancer support or simply to transform your kitchen into a more inviting place to prepare healthy meals – we are here to help!  All consulting is centered on sound science, self-belief, and willingness to improve.

Why see Maria Licandro R.H.N., R.N.C.P?

Ask yourself: What can nutrition do for me?

1) Improve your energy!

2) Eliminate digestive stress; gas bloating, constipation & irregularity.

3) Balance your weight, hormones, blood pressure, cholestrol, and immune system.

4) Prevent colds and flu, allergies, headaches,PMS and mood swings.

5) Strenghten your ability to deal with stress; prevent mid-day “energy crashes” or burnout.

What will Maria Licandro offer you?

1) A complete personal assessment to balance and support problem areas and an individual approach to health.

2) Nutritional recommendations based on your personal health goals and concerns, including food guidelines and when necessary, supplement guidelines.

3) A menu plan that meets your specific needs and healthy shopping tips.

4) A computer printout of your personal action plan towards better health.

The key to health is learning how to balance the challenges your body faces every day with the proper nutrients. Knowledge is power

Lifetime Natural Nutrition can provide you the necessary information to stay in balance.

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